What the heck are we going to do with all of this extra food in the pantry, freezer, and refrigerator?


Pantry Services

Pantry Services

Feel like you have a full pantry but still don’t know what to make for dinner? Let YWP help you dig in and figure out ways to use what you have without wasting extra trips to the store. These services include:

  • Pantry Genie

  • $67session
    • 30-minute virtual review of your biggest pantry challenges. We’ll look at what you have and provide immediate ideas on how to get meals made in minutes without the need for extra shopping. Customers will be “granted” 3 recipe wishes after each session.
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  • Pantry Review

  • $147session
    • This in-person review provides a full inventory of your non-perishable items, from that stash of canned pumpkin to the 6 different open bags of dried beans. You’ll have an accurate list of what you have on hand, including the amounts of each item. Ideas for recipes will be included.

  • Pantry Refresh

  • $247session
    • In addition to a full pantry inventory, a Refresh will include removing expired items, as well as designating products for donation to a local food pantry. We will facilitate pick-up/delivery of those items on your behalf. 5 recipes specific to pantry items will be provided.
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  • Pantry Restore

  • $97mo
    • After you have an accurate snapshot of your pantry, let us help you keep it stocked with items you REALLY use! Monthly check-ins will include updates to your inventory and order/delivery of your most-used and wanted pantry items.
    • *Only available to Review & Refresh customers