What the heck are we going to do with all of this extra food in the pantry, freezer, and refrigerator?


Meal Prep Pods

What is a Meal Prep Pod?

Picture it: you’re working from home, and you have 3 kiddos who are schooling on a blended schedule, and your spouse is working remotely, too. You’re on tap for making sure everyone eats three times. Every. Single. Day. all while managing different schedules. After a couple days of multiple video classes, work projects, and marathon Zooming, you simply don’t have the bandwidth for meal planning. Take out becomes the norm, and your family has had their fill of the same meals over and over again.


Freaked out yet??


Wouldn’t life be less stressful if you had a fridge & freezer full of meals at the ready? Wouldn’t it be helpful if you didn’t have to do the meal planning or grocery shopping? And wouldn’t it be great to connect with other households in the same boat?


Meal Prep Pods to the rescue!


Band together with others who are looking for the same healthy and simple meal solutions, spend less time stressing about those many meals, and spend more time on the things that count. Join Your Wild Pantry’s Meal Prep Pods, and let us help you tame mealtime on your terms!


Choose from a variety of meal plan options and timeframes, get customized grocery lists, prep checklists, and guided meal prep assistance.

Simple Steps for Mealtime

Start your customized meal prep support with a connected community of like-minded households.

Why don't you cook my food, too?

We do everything up to putting fire to food. That means that meals are prepared and assembled, making them ready for you to cook on YOUR schedule. Each freezer meal has a label on the bag, providing instructions at cook time. This makes it simple to defrost, cook, and eat without all of the prep hassle. If we cooked the food ahead of time, and schedules changed in that week, the food could spoil and you’d have to toss it. Our method cuts down on food waste, saving you money!

Choose your Prep Pod
Choose your Prep Pod
Choose your Prep Pod